About Us

As a mum of three boys who love all kinds of sport, from the ones they play to the ones they like to watch, I couldn’t find a magazine for their age group that would appeal and inspire them. As a result, the idea for bsporty began. A magazine to provide some positivity to being online, by encouraging kids to get outside and be active, as well as a way to give knowledge about the world of sport around them. 

Launching in June 2019, bsporty is a monthly online magazine for 7-14 year old boys and girls that covers lots of different sports that are happening each month, with links to how they can have a go themselves. Within the articles there are videos and pictures, top tips from sports professionals and interviews from current competitors.  I also want there to be details on activity camps, holidays and healthy eating. It’s a website for kids to browse freely and hopefully they will find some facts or skills they love and a new sport to try.

As a magazine it’s a new idea and it’s constantly evolving as I speak to more and more sports organisations and people who are passionate about the concept. I hope you enjoy it.