About Bsporty

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We believe everyone should be involved in a sport of some kind. You may love local football or just playing in the park with your friends after school. You may want to be the next Andy Murray or Johanna Konta. You might love table tennis, swimming or a run in the park with your dog. Whatever it is you have the right attitude and this magazine is for you.

Hopefully you’ll read about a new sport you’d like to try. Or the story of someone you can relate to who made it as a professional sports man or woman. You might see videos of incredible action shots that make you want to learn more. Whatever the sport, there’s the opportunity for you to learn how to give them a try.

We will add content about what’s happening in different sports each month. It could be netball, hockey, football, rugby, sailing, surfing, darts or athletics and so many more. With the latest news on those sports we also provide you with the links to have a go yourself or at least how to find out more.

We will update the site regularly with new content, your views, what you’re following and why others should too.

So what are you waiting for? Log in and bsporty!